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Explore Israel: can art survive the World Wide Web.

In the year 1979 new wave of British bands The Buggles music out, hit a slow disintegration of the radio era, which they saw quickly throw together and lamented by new trends and more interesting: television, which began broadcasting in color, a boast late next decade, 1960 The Buggles "video killed the radio star, then a prayer.

Almost forty years later. These words will remain as a symbol of the violent and rapid manner in which technology is a mark left the way of mass get information or find the culture interference.

But what will The Buggles are high in the year 2560, when you press a button on their smartphones to query and perform it with conversation, Siri's Apple. Clear-cutting of the artificial products.

For artists, curators, and art enthusiasts in the art institutions around the world. This question is very worried and immediately press the button – the Museum can survive the constant whirlwind of changes in technology Century 21.

Months experts from all corners of the world, as local leaders gathered in Jerusalem to debate this question. They discussed a variety of ways to cope with the challenges posed, the Museum is a public institution and of culture and knowledge in an era dominated by mincing words and emojis, tweet.
The annual Confab called this year. "The digital horizon: museums and heritage. Was facilitated by Israel Museum Association and ICOM (International Council of museums). The latter is a non-profit organization that represents all of the country's museums and works according to the value dictated by the ICOM international. Organizations associated with UNESCO.

Conference keynote speakers spoke against the Jerusalem Post about their concerns and pointing to the creative process that is already under way around the world to help make the Museum changed quickly. Change the scope of the Internet.
A question of ethics

Sheizaf Rafaeli, Professor and researcher, academics, media, computer, communication, and computer scientists. Fix this problem that highlighted the value of talking to the world of art information – this may all go through a few strokes on the keyboard.

Technology, which major changes to it, telling the post he Rafaeli calls "control C control V/."

"Digital technology to copy a work of art, and when it's so easy to copy what you see, and when they have access to the entire financial model changes, such as the word ' quality '- Have a specific meaning in the world of traditional art, and it changed his whole creation is only a matter of pressing Control C control V and [copy and paste text or images via the keyboard]. "

The influence of art effects technology to everyone, even and especially when people are less aware of it that he was warned by Rafaeli in the past. Artistic people are experienced as "something very intimate. Private and personal, whether it occurs in a store or on the boundaries of their home.

"But today, with the technology that we can make use of our ability to monitor better the deeper process of using more and more Museum art installation of devices that track activity of visitors – it is called analysis of target group – and the results of this tracking process to make decisions directly.

"If in the past, he continued," it may be estimated that a painting or statue, more popular than the other exhibits, or may be measured through the night, now you can check the actual box-office audience and see how many seconds the average person using the exhibition of some monitored the process of student movement. "

The ability to analyze the reaction of the audience the artwork that they are recognized as two of the sharp sword. Recommend Rafaeli type "ethics".

On one hand, some people may think that is ethical, invading from the personal experience of people using leisure time at the Museum without knowing that their reactions are closely monitored.

But the constant Rafaeli said, "If you have the tools and the technologies it ethical to not use them have no ethics measure, I think it is important that we realize that the audience has to set some more than others that the audience has some blind spots and all these things you can learn only if you look for them."

He also noted that the ability to respond to people's view of art that they are involved with the care of the State Art Institute, is particularly. "What is the public's money Museum. What is the role of the Museum in terms of delivery, quality, and the role of the audience in this outlook, he has asked. Following in the footsteps of the path information.

One of these is a public institution, National Gallery, London, which is more than the 2,300 paintings.