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Abandoned Places: It's our passion for travel with abandoned buildings, derelict structures, deserted places and all things urban exploration.

Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

Explore abandoned places, abandoned places for exploration, exploring abandoned places, get lost in abandoned places.

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Explore lost places around Europe ★★★★★

Explore the World of Abandoned Places with Abandoned Places | The Off-Road Guide for Exploring the World. Get a Free Online Copy.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

Abandoned Places: Uncover the Hidden Stories and Hidden Features of Urban Exploration.

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Explore abandoned and lost places in Europe ★★★☆☆

Explore history of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Purchase now to skip the line at the next hotel.

There are new abandoned places to explore everyday.

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Abandoned Places - A Traveler's Guide

Venture deep into the dark recesses of abandoned places and get greater access than the regular tourist.

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⚜︎ Abandoned and Lost Places Around Europe ⚜︎

Explore the magic of abandoned places in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, California, Germany ...

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No limit to how many kilometres you can travel

Abandoned Places: An app that allows for exploration of abandoned places.

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See the best urbex locations ★★★★☆

Explore and research the histories and photos of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Explore abandoned places and urban exploration ⚜︎

Urban exploration is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment. Featuring creepy abandoned places or things that lurk in the shadow of the city, this channel focuses on the artistic, social, and scientific aspects of urban exploration.

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Read about the history of abandoned places ★★★★☆

From the depths of the ocean to the highest peaks of the climbing world, urban exploration is an exciting, adrenaline-fueled perspective of the world. Explore the delights of Abandoned Places with these stunning photos of abandoned locations.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Memories

If you're an urban explorer, this channel is perfect for you. It has a lot of great content, from features on abandoned buildings and structures, to favorite abandoned places from all around the world. You'll find a lot inspiration from our channel, as well as a great way to learn about everything from urban exploration to photography.

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Urban explorers take on abandoned places

Abandoned Places collects the types of travel stories only possible with the use of our powerful new DIY digital photography techniques. We invite you to share your abandoned places photos on our blog or on Flickr.

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Join us on our journey

Abandoned places are places that are waiting to be rediscovered, but it's never too late.

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Abandoned Places Around the World

Other common names for urban exploration are penetrating abandoned places and prospecting.

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Render your favorite urbex locations

It's a place to share and discover how abandoned places and cities inspire our creativity and let us imagine what could be.

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Do you have a secret? Contact us here!

Abandoned places are interesting and exciting locations for the urban explorer. Some other common terms for urban exploration are: outdoor exploration and city exploration.

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A History of the Roman Colosseum ★★★★☆

Not only do people usually explore the photo and its history, but some people also enjoy exploring the Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Urban Exploration: Places of History

Abandoned places, which often provide exciting and adventurous hunting grounds for seekers of treasure and intrigue, and other common terms for urban exploration.

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Explore abandoned places to find abandoned places

Spend a day exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. You will have a rare opportunity to discover wonderful structures that have been abandoned or have been forgotten. In the article, the author provides descriptions of the best abandoned places in Europe.

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Exploring Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Explore photos and the histories of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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⛔ Explore the transition of abandoned places ⛔

See what others found when exploring abandoned places.

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Explore the history of abandoned places ★★★☆☆

Find out more about photos and the history of abandoned places, urban exploration, and architecture.

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Abandoned Places, Urban Exploration ★★★☆☆

An iPhone app that combines the photos from Abandoned Places into one.

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Abandoned Places: Finding abandoned structures.

The world-famous Abandoned Places have certainly held their own over the years, but in recent years the extreme measures taken to preserve them have come at a cost. This how-to book is meant to serve as a guide in exploring these destinations in.

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Urban explorer, urbex, urban exploration ★★★★☆

Hauntings abound in the abandoned places of southern Missouri! Relics of colonial, modern, and ancient history are abandoned, forgotten, and repurposed in the ancient ruins of the Ozarks. Where darkness and the unknown, meet the light and.

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Discover lost places of mystery

This is our YouTube channel dedicated to exploring haunted places around Europe. You'll find abandoned places, lost farms, vaults, dungeons, forgotten arts, and more. This is the only place you'll get to see the legitimate, authentic places that are not "haunted" to be found.

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Looking to explore abandoned and lost places?

Quest for Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration Photography.

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Infiltration in Abandoned Places ★★★☆☆

Gain a fresh perspective on history through a curated list of documenting images of abandoned places and urban exploration. This limited edition collection of limited edition prints explore the effects of our actions on our environment from a distance. Published in conjunction with urban explorer Justin Vanderbilt of Abandoned ATLANTA, the prints portray never seen vacant spaces from perspectives of personal nostalgia or wide awareness.

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Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Derelict Abandoned Places. Explore the best urbex locations around the world with neglected destinations from the past. Return the history. Explore Urbex Locations.

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